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Rubberwear Application On-Line Prosthetics Contest

Showcase your skills!

Create an amazing prosthetic makeup using Rubber Wear foam latex prosthetics. The choice, number of pieces, and the design is yours. We want to see creations that “live and breathe”. A hyper-realistic being? An outlandish creature from another Universe? Again, it’s up to you but we want to “believe” your creation. We want to imagine it could walk among us.

Winners will receive prizes including a GRAND PRIZE consisting of a full set of Rubber Wear foam latex prosthetics (Almost 200 pieces!) and a 5-day Introduction to Prosthetics Course at Rob Burman’s Laboratory..

1st through 3rd Place Winners will get a combination of select Rubber Wear foam latex prosthetics and potential Retailer sponsorship contributions from Rubber Wear Dealers.

To enter, Submit a link to a short (1-3 minute) video of your application process and finished, un-digitally re-touched photos along with your name and necessary contact information, (Name, email, phone, address, link ito video and photos) to enter.

Submissions of work on disc or memory stick may be mailed to:

Rubber Wear Prosthetic Make-up Contest

C/O Sticks and Stones
P.O. Box 785, Tujunga, CA 91043.

Notice: Any media submitted by mail will not be returned without including a Self addressed and postage paid envelope to return it.


  • You must be 18 or over at the time of submission to enter.
  • Rubber Wear and Rubber Wear Retailers and their families may not enter.
  • Contest is void Where prohibited by law
  • Your submission video can be as simple as a photo montage and should feature the Rubber Wear piece/pieces you are applying.


A team of qualified and experienced professional Special Makeup Effects Artists will review the submissions and a winner will be chosen from all applicants for all Prizes.  Winners will be announced in December 1st 2020.  Decisions by judging panel are final.  See the list of Judges here.


  1. This contest is to see what you can do with a prosthetic makeup using Rubber Wear foam latex prosthetics. Use of other prosthetics, either custom or purchased is prohibited.
  2. The amount of Rubber Wear foam latex prosthetics used does not determine the Winners. As long as a minimum of a single piece is utilized the entry is eligible. In addition, the use of a dozen or more also does not guarantee a “win”.
  3. Originality of design and/or accuracy of reproduction and quality of application, both during and after are key judging factors in choosing a winner. Make us “Believe”.
  4. Videos/photos submitted should attempt to document your process from start to finish as much as possible. We want to see your process, how you put your pieces on and how you make them disappear into your character. Remember, it can’t be more than 3 minutes. You need to show us what you can do in that time, even if your makeup took 10 hours!
  5. Digital alteration of any submitted material is prohibited. Editing of video images to shorten segments (wipes/dissolves/etc.) is acceptable but alteration of your character’s image in any way is cause for disqualification. Your images do not need to specifically be  video. Still images can be submitted for viewing as a slide show as well. Keep in mind that your process is important and not just the end result.
  6. Prize contribution may not be exchanged for other product(s) nor cash value. Any other contributing companies and their prizes are the sole responsibility of those companies and Rubber Wear holds no responsibility for their contributions.
  7. RW reserves the right to feature any and all submissions in their Promotional, Advertising and Social Media accounts as a representation of the Rubber Wear product and its use. RW will credit the original Artist where possible and appropriate.
  8. For the grand prize winner receiving the 5-Day Prosthetics course at Rob Burman’s Laboratory, all necessary transportation, food and housing requirements will be the responsibility of the Winner. RBL will provide all necessary space, materials and training required to fulfill RBL’s Introduction To Prosthetics course in our Los Angeles lab facility.
  9. All prizes are not exchangeable.
  10. All entrant information will be kept private and is used expressly for the purposes of running this contest.  It will not be sold, given or transferred.
  11. By entering the competition, you agree to allow Rubber Wear and Rob Burman’s Laboratory to use your information to credit your imagery and to contact you about future RBL contests and business opportunities.


To Enter:

Visit our contest page at and fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.   Don’t forget to link your video and pictures.  Good Luck!