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Put a little character
on your face…

with Rubber Wear
professional make-up prosthetics

[/pb_layb_one_full][/pb_lay_one_full][pb_lay_one_full][pb_layb_one_full type=”Simple”]Welcome to the home of Rubber Wear foam latex prosthetics.  Rubber Wear appliances are the finest quality, feather-light, soft-as-a baby’s bum and smooth as butter going on.  Rubber Wear foam latex prosthetics are lovingly designed by third generation special effects make-up artist Rob Burman with the needs of you, the professional make-up artist in mind. Rubber Wear prosthetics have been carefully sculpted, textured like skin and the edges are tissue thin for invisible blending. The foam is run at a high speed to create a fluffy latex prosthetic that looks, feels and moves naturally with the body or face, yet is strong enough to last an entire shooting day. Great for novices and make-up students too!

Whether you are a multi-Academy award winning make up artist, budding YouTube film-maker or just looking to surprise your friends at your next party, Rubber Wear brings the character to whatever your project with the thinnest edges and easy application.

Founded in 1994, Sticks and Stones Studio is the producer of Rubber Wear, featuring everything from broken noses and eye bags to cleft chins and pointed ears. Our product has been designed and created for professional make-up artists and is sold by retail distributors throughout the U.S. and the World.  See our list of world-class re-sellers on our retailer page to buy Rubber Wear.[/pb_layb_one_full][/pb_lay_one_full][pb_lay_one_full][pb_layb_one_full type=”Simple”]

As seen on such productions/events as:
faceoff images

Face Off, Skin Wars, Battle of the Brushes, Star Trek; Beginnings, The Sopranos, NYPD Blue, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Felicity, Kirk, Life with Bonnie, MTV Music Awards, Major theme parks, commercials and many more!

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Rubber Wear is recommended to you by:


Fred Blau

Fred Blau – Emmy award winning professional make-up artist since 1964 and creator of Reel Creations make-up.


Barry Koper

Barry Koper – 2 time Emmy award winning professional make-up artist


Bill Corso

Bill Corso – 2 time Academy Award winning professional make-up artist


Camille Calvet

Camille Calvet – 2 time prime time Emmy award professional make-up artist

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Also: Mark Landon–2 time prime time Emmy award professional make-up artist

What do you need?
New pieces are being
added all the time!

Aging eye lids and bags | Deep bone gash | Instructional DVD | Skin gouge

Asian eyelids | Elf nose | Narrow and wide cuts | Split chin

Broken nose | Eye bags | Nasal labials  | Split lip

Bulbous nose  | Eye brow covers  | Pig nose  | Suture cuts

Bullet holes  | Foam injection guns  | Pointed ears  | Swollen cheeks

Burns  | Gouged eyes  | Rabbit nose  | Swollen eyes

Caveman foreheads  | Hero masks  | Scars  | Warts and moles

Cleft chins  | Horns  | Sculpting busts  | Witch noses

Special orders don’t upset us… call for a quote! 818 352-9538


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