Rubberwear is a product with character.

Welcome to the home of Rubber Wear foam latex prosthetics.  Rubber Wear appliances are the finest quality, feather-light, soft-as-a baby’s bum and smooth as butter going on.

Whether you are a multi-Academy award winning make up artist, budding YouTube film-maker or just looking to surprise your friends at your next party, Rubber Wear brings the character to whatever your project with the thinnest edges and easy application.

Founded in 1994, Sticks and Stones Studio is the producer of Rubber Wear, featuring everything from broken noses and eye bags to cleft chins and pointed ears. Our product has been designed and created for professional make-up artists and is sold by retail distributors throughout the U.S. and the World.  See our list of world-class re-sellers on our Distributor page to buy Rubber Wear.